Sparking Others’ Faith


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Blind Faith Live is a podcast intended to be a spark. A spark that leads to a raging fire of faith, love and forgiveness. A fire that easily enables us to have a real relationship with God. We are all potential sparks to our friends, families, and even strangers. In this episode, you will hear sparks flying that have the potential to ignite huge fires.

Dr. Issam Nemeh, the physician of unshakable faith, sparks the understanding of what makes our prayers more powerful. Everything boils down to the choices our mind makes.

Keeping It Real with Kathy
Kathy Nemeh ‘keeps it real’ by telling a story of their son, Wadi, and the firestorm he ignited at a local airport.

2 thoughts on “Sparking Others’ Faith

  1. Needed so much to hear this podcast today! Right where I am. Thank you Dr. Nemeh, Kathy, and Path to Faith people for answering the call and being vessels for the Holy Spirit to work through! May the Lord continue to bless you all!

  2. So often your podcasts touch on something to give us a little fan on the flame when it feels like a weak little flicker. It’s great when you share your struggles, so the rest of us don’t feel so alone. It’s amazing Jesus shared his struggles so openly too.

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