Stethoscopes & Collars … I’m Calling You Out – BFL 52


I have here, 52 weeks of miracle stories. So, where’s the clergy? Where are the doctors? All I hear are crickets. How is it that those who are regarded as the heads of our physical and spiritual well-being show no curiosity about these remarkable, miraculous healings of the body and soul? Their silence tells us much about the state of our church and our medical professionals.

Kristin DawsonMiracle Moment – The doctors that I referenced above cannot reverse a horribly painful affliction known as RSD. Suicide is not uncommon among the afflicted because of the relentless pain. But add Kristin Dawson to the list of those who have shed this horrible disorder, thanks to God and the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. (This is where you read the first paragraph above and shake your head again.)

Issam’s Insight – The doctor’s thoughts on why the medical world, as well as clergy, refuse to look at all the possibilities of healing that come directly from God.

Keeping it Real with KathyLeBron JamesLeBron James and Dr. Issam Nemeh have something in common … and it has nothing to do with a basketball or a prayer book.

9 thoughts on “Stethoscopes & Collars … I’m Calling You Out – BFL 52

  1. Philip,
    I enjoy each and every one of these podcasts, but this one was especially wonderful. Thanks for all that you are doing…..Margaret

  2. Dr. Nemeh helped me learn about using my mind, prayer, asking, loving connection for all souls and surrendering my body to heal myself and others. Heart and mind connection and learning the heart had its own intelligence. The mind can be trained. It is universally available to all of us. I am learning from him.

  3. My favorite days are Sunday and Tuesday! The Holy Spirit is growing in me more and more week by week – bless you for doing God’s work!

  4. I would just like to point out the CRPS and RSD are two very different diseases. While it would seem the CRPS is similar to RSD in that it’s an uncommon form of chronic pain it should not be mistaken for the same type. CRPS is a complex regional pain that affects the body after surgery, heart attack or stroke, but the pain is out of proportion to the severity of the initial injury. The cause of CRPS is clearly understood and if treatment is started early, which it is in most cases, improvement and remission are possible.
    RSD is very different in that the nerve injury cannot be immediately identified, usually quite a few months. RSD damage comes from a very distinct major nerve injury by either nerve and soft tissue damage or a severe broken bone. There is no cure for RSD, treatment just helps to ease the pain. In conclusion RSD does spread and 70% of patients have some form of spreading. Usually up/down the affected limp or to the opposite limb. The have also been reported cases or full body spreading or spreading to internal organs.
    Please pray for anyone suffering from chronic pain disorders.

    • Thanks Olivia. The part I pay attention to is what I call ‘Day 2’. After someone suffers for years with Drs giving no hope of any improvement, along comes God and reverses everything in a blink….or over time. On ‘Day 1’ there was a serious issue. On ‘Day 3’ there has been an impossible change. What happened on ‘Day 2’? In every one of these Miracle Moments, there was a prayer from Dr Issam Nemeh. Dr Nemeh always points us to Jesus. The miraculous healings are telling us to listen. The truth of God and his love is at the center of it all.
      God bless, Philip

  5. True RSD does not travel. There is a similar more diffuse condition called complex regional pain syndrome, as well as people who somatosize mental and emotional distress into physical symptomatology, which can be quite diffuse (e.g. fibromyalgia) but without documentable physiological/structural abnormality or pathology. Keep up the fine ” radio active spirituality” program.

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