What’s Missing? – BFL 69


PhilipWhat happens when I never turn the digital recorder off?
This episode is like no other episode of Blind Faith Live. During this past week, seldom was my digital recorder in the off mode. I recorded everything. You can call it a week in the life of Blind Faith Live. You will follow my wife, Elizabeth, and I, as Continue reading

Thelma & Louise … Smokin’! – BFL 28


Smokin' CigaretteMiracle Moment – Is it possible for a forty year cigarette habit to suddenly go up in a puff of … well, you know?

Issam’s Insight – “Where do psychics get their information?”

A Thousand Miles Apart – BFL 25

Chuck & Anna Marie Slaby

Chuck and Anna Marie Slaby

Miracle Moment – Chuck Slaby and Ana Maria Ramon may live a thousand miles apart, but they are joined at the shoulder.
Chuck & Anna Marie Slaby (left)

Ana Maria Ramon

Ana Maria Ramon



Issam’s Insight – “When your resolutions come from God.”