Pray for the 45th – BFL 182


pray for the 45th

Pray for the 45th
With this such a divisive time, prayers certainly are in order for the incoming 45th President. During the eight years of the exiting administration, God took quite a hit. Unfortunately, there are fewer people praying now than there were eight years Continue reading

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven – BFL 174


BFL_WaytoHeavenOn the Way to Heaven
Are there dogs in heaven? What is the difference between being in heaven and being within the kingdom of God? What do we make of near-death experiences that involve quick visits to heaven? Local Fox Continue reading

A Happy God – BFL 139


A Happy GodA Happy God

“Oh how happy you have made me.” The message this week comes from a happy God. The lyrics from a song by Shades of Blue, remind us that we are God’s weakness. Anytime, in this world of evil influence, that we turn towards Him, He is a happy God. Continue reading

“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil …


“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil”I Saw Mother Mary

… I almost fell off the table.” – Tatiana Kostanian

Tatiana, a patient of Dr. Issam Nemeh, describes the moment the Blessed Mother appeared in the treatment room Continue reading

God Is Not a Magician? – BFL 68


WandStarsNow that is a headline worth a conversation in the Christian community. A God that puts things into motion and then drops the wand.

Dr. Issam Nemeh prays, things happen. Miracles happen, in the name of Jesus Christ. God is the Healer. Each week, I document at least one Miracle Moment. God is the most Continue reading