God, Tell Me What to Do! – BFL 89


Philip KellerI want to kick the radio guy out,” Dr. Issam Nemeh said about me, to his wife, Kathy, “But God won’t let me.” What had I done to upset the doctor? The answer iswithin the podcast so I won’t ruin the surprise here.

Wouldn’t it be great, if in every decision we Continue reading

Who Loves You Pretty Baby!? – BFL 45


As I broadcast this episode from a nearby park with my kids, Carolyn & StevenSteven and Carolyn, I am reminded of what blessings they are. Also featured here is Aaron Broadstreet. Like my son, he is twenty-four years of age. Also like Steven, he loves to write. What sets Aaron apart, however, is Aspergers. Despite his Autism, Aaron has written a book about what those with Autism often have difficulty … feelings!  I think after listening to a few examples of his perceptive thinking, you will want to send Aaron a note of encouragement and perhaps even order his book, “Sound Bites” at aaron509@yahoo.com .

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Miracle Moment – Kate Martin exemplifies the childlike innocence that God just loves to reward. Kate MartinFrom head to toe, no matter the issue, as Dr. Nemeh prayed, Kate healed. She’ll be happy to share her story with you at the upcoming June 22 Healing Service near Pittsburgh, PA.

Issam’s Insight – When we are restricted in our physical lives, our spiritual life is given a boost. As with Aaron Broadstreet (above), being loosened from earthly matters can lead to an enhanced spiritual connection.

Also in this episode, the answer to “Who’s the Fool on the Hill” as mentioned in Episode 44.