Is Your God Boring? – BFL 85


tapestryproject.wordpress.comI admit it, mine was. I emphasize WAS. I had no idea that the God we discuss each week here, even existed. The fact is, most Christians in the world still don’t know. An email I received this week from Pete, a Blind Faith Live listener, started us down this road asking, “Why is it that even Continue reading

How to Live in Heaven … Now – BFL 40


Colton Burpo with Dad, ToddOur instructors today are two 4-year-olds. For both Colton Burpo, who is depicted in the movie, “Heaven is for Real,” and Akiane Kramarik, a gifted painter, their visits to heaven either happened or began to happen at age four. Their stories intersect with a painting that Akiane created when she was eight years old. Akiane KramarikThe painting, entitled “Prince of Peace,” is exactly what Jesus looks like according to both Colton and Akiane. Yes, it is significant that both were four years of age when heaven was unveiled to them. Jesus said that we all need to be children in order to reach heaven. What does that mean?
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Miracle Moment – Sara has suffered for years with nerve damage causing headaches and paralysis of her left leg. Her doctor recommended that Sara come to a Dr. Nemeh healing service as some of her other patients have had remarkable recoveries after seeing Dr. Nemeh. Add¬†her to the list. I talked to Sara right after her prayer at a healing service in Columbus, Ohio, and again on the phone a couple of days ago. She is still in shock! Sara smile…it’s all real.
(Segment begins at 32 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Why would a heavenly experience happen for a four-year-old, but not for you or me? Those experiences are actually possible for all of us. Listen as Dr. Nemeh explains what happens to us at about age five that can limit our spiritual experiences. The key is to keep our spiritual side always open, so that Angels, Saints, and Jesus Christ himself are always a visible possibility throughout our lives.

Without a Shroud of Doubt – BFL 39


Miracle Moment – Here are three pictures depicting the Shroud Positiveimage of Jesus Christ. The first is the Man in the Shroud, from the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.
Shroud Enhanced The second, with the help of a computer, is the very same image with the wounds removed and the characteristics enhanced.

The third image was painted by a young Lithuanian American, Akiane Kramarik, who Jesus has appeared to. Jesus by Akiane KramarikBoth Dr. Issam Nemeh and the boy depicted in the movie “Heaven Is For Real,” Colton Burpo, say this is the closest depiction of any picture they have ever seen of Jesus Christ.

David Onysko is one of the foremost experts on the Shroud of Turin. He shares with us the latest scientific findings on what many experts believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. All the signs of the crucifixion are there, including the crown of thorns and the spear wound in the side. Most interestingly, though, is the image of the man imprinted into the cloth in a way that has never been duplicated. The moment of resurrection appears to be left for us to see.
(Segment begins at 3 minutes)

Heaven Is For Real – Good Friday is the opening day for the movie, “Heaven Is For Real“. The book is incredible. If the movie is just half as good… Young Colton Burpo experiences Jesus Christ and heaven while undergoing surgery at the age of four. He came back from heaven knowing the unknowable. I have a clip from the movie.
(Segment begins at 25 minutes)

Holy Fire – The Miracle of the Holy Fire will occur again this Saturday. Every year, the day before Orthodox Easter, inside the tomb of Jesus Christ, a mist of fire coats the slab of stone where Jesus Christ’s body laid. That fire will light candles that are held by thousands of believers. Ever heard this story? For us Christians, especially in the United States, I believe it’s the Greatest Story Never Told.
(Segment begins at 31 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – When did Jesus know that he was God? When did he know that he would die on the cross? Did he always know? Dr. Nemeh explains how the most painful aspect of the crucifixion was that for the first time, Jesus was disconnected from his Father. It wasn’t until the crucifixion that Satan fully understood who this man was. Evil’s influence on this world was immediately changed at the moment of Christ’s death. This segment is extremely powerful and informative!
(Segment begins at 37 minutes)

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Shroud Documentary

Miracle of the Holy Fire

Heaven Is For Real

Doctors Paraded in to See the Miracle Woman – BFL 32


Deb ZimmermanMiracle Moment – Deb Zimmerman was told by her doctor that there was nothing more they could do, her cancer had won the war. Deb’s last resort was to endure a 500 mile drive to see Dr. Issam Nemeh in his medical office and at one of his healing services.
Not long after that, her doctors were calling her a ‘miracle’. Even today, with only one remaining kidney working at a nine percent efficiency rate, she shows no symptoms of illness. Take a listen to one very inspirational lady.
(Segment begins at 13 minutes into the episode)

Issam’s Insight – Jesus spoke of turning your cheek with no retaliation against others. He said to settle issues without going to court.
What would have happened if the U.S. had not responded to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. Dr. Nemeh let’s biblical history give us our answer.
Also, Dr. Nemeh explains how Deb Zimmerman (above) can show no symptom of kidney failure despite six years of her one remaining kidney operating at only 9% efficiency.
(Segment at 31 minutes)

Bonus – Issam Nemeh lives in the world of quantum mechanics. He calls it the ‘Mind of God’. It’s the field of energy where everything is created and all is known. Hear Dr. Nemeh talk about what is soon to come through his ground breaking research.
(Segment at 7 minutes)

The Miracle Story of Suzanne Engle – BFL 20


Suzanne EngleMiracle Moment
– Blindness, 40 years of asthma, and a friend’s bow-leggedness all undergo awesome changes.

Issam’s Insight – “Living in heaven while on earth.”