Do You See Eye to Eye with Our Lady? – BFL 195


do you see eye to eye with our lady

This small rosary of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared out of nowhere. Where it appeared, to whom, and its powerful message is found in this week’s podcast.

The scientifically studied self-portrait of Mary, Mother of Jesus, is credited with the conversion of almost 10 million people who Continue reading

A New Use for Business Cards


Miracle MomentPamela Madden
Pamela Madden has diminishing vision because of Stargardt Disease. It is a degenerative retinal disorder that has dimmed the lights, so to speak, and taken away Pamela’s peripheral vision. Continue reading

When Will the Human Beings Return?


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The Greatest Weapon in Spiritual Warfare


RosaryThe Greatest Weapon in Spiritual Warfare

Why is it that the Blessed Mother, in so many of her appearances, tells all of us to pray the Holy Rosary? Isn’t the Rosary just a Catholic thing? Mary says, ‘No.’ Mary has stated, repeatedly, Continue reading