Coincidence or GODincidence? – BFL 83


BFL.GODincidenceI didn’t used to like that word, Godincidence. I would roll my eyes and think “C’mon, sometimes stuff just happens.” But, when you begin to realize that God’s hand is in everything, your eyes are opened to new possibilities. This episode is full of Co-GOD-incidence. How do you explain Continue reading

Am I Headed to the West Coast? – BFL 72


HollywoodAll the clues in this episode of Blind Faith Live seem to indicate that the West Coast is in my near future. But this is just one of the questions popping up in Episode 72.

What do I do when I stumble in my attempt to get these miracle stories to a waiting producer of a Continue reading

Follow God’s Signs…Find Your Way – BFL 56


Miracle Moment – Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, Lupus, Brain Aneurysm, have all been reversed in Erica Mileti! There are no symptoms anymore … even Erica’s neurologist has to admit she’s had a miracle and is now on board with believing that Dr. Nemeh’s prayers have worked. All the signs point to a loving, powerful God.
Erica Mileti
Erica is one of those undisputable cases where it’s easy to see that 1+1=2. All the disorders that were there are gone, thanks to the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh, known as ‘The Physician of Unshakable Faith.’ This one is a no-brainer. The ‘before and after’ makes it easy to see how the power of prayer healed Erica. The signs are right there before our eyes! God’s beautiful design.
(Segment begins at 15 minutes) Continue reading

I Say a Little Prayer for You – BFL 48


Be careful of what you pray for … He is listening!  It’s been true in my life and perhaps in yours. August 15 of 1999 is the day I said a prayer that has resulted in this website and Samia Zumoutpodcast of Blind Faith Live! Today, I talked to my friend, Samia Zumout, who had a similar experience in 1990 in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. What was intended to be a quick stopover in what has become holy ground, turned into a life-changing week-long stay. The miracle that she saw was nothing compared to the miracle that Samia experienced inside her soul. I don’t want to ruin the devastating surprise that has changed her life and deepened her faith. Please listen … and I guarantee you that you will be inspired by Samia’s journey.

Jessica RobinsonMiracle Moment – In this episode, which is about the power of prayer … Jessica Robinson had no idea of how many people were praying for her, many of them complete strangers. All that matters is that the ‘deep inoperable brain tumor’ is now referred to by her doctors as ‘all is well.’

Issam’s Insight – What’s the most powerful prayer you can say? Also, why saying the name ‘Jesus Christ’ can have varying levels of success in terms of healing.

Who Loves You Pretty Baby!? – BFL 45


As I broadcast this episode from a nearby park with my kids, Carolyn & StevenSteven and Carolyn, I am reminded of what blessings they are. Also featured here is Aaron Broadstreet. Like my son, he is twenty-four years of age. Also like Steven, he loves to write. What sets Aaron apart, however, is Aspergers. Despite his Autism, Aaron has written a book about what those with Autism often have difficulty … feelings!  I think after listening to a few examples of his perceptive thinking, you will want to send Aaron a note of encouragement and perhaps even order his book, “Sound Bites” at .

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Miracle Moment – Kate Martin exemplifies the childlike innocence that God just loves to reward. Kate MartinFrom head to toe, no matter the issue, as Dr. Nemeh prayed, Kate healed. She’ll be happy to share her story with you at the upcoming June 22 Healing Service near Pittsburgh, PA.

Issam’s Insight – When we are restricted in our physical lives, our spiritual life is given a boost. As with Aaron Broadstreet (above), being loosened from earthly matters can lead to an enhanced spiritual connection.

Also in this episode, the answer to “Who’s the Fool on the Hill” as mentioned in Episode 44.

The Grace of Pictures – BFL 38


GracieMiracle Moment – for five years, a now 12-year-old girl has suffered from a malignant brain tumor. Gracie Venzor, following the lead of her dad Bob, brought a picture of the girl to a Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service. As we have documented numerous times, the pictures help us focus our healing intention. The end result was the same. The malignant tumor is now gone. Neither the girl or her family knew a prayer was being spoken. It didn’t matter. God heard the prayer and did the work. Listen as Gracie, age 23, tells of her deepening faith.
(Segment begins at 8 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – was there ever a calling for Issam Nemeh to be a priest? How does the Holy Spirit convey to Dr. Nemeh what the person standing in front of him needs at his moment of prayer?
(Segment begins at 27 minutes)

Also in this Episode …
* Noah, the movie may not be biblically accurate, but it does open the door to a better understanding of how the Holy Spirit communicates to us.
* My visit to a major league baseball play-by-play booth.
* Rhonda Reader receives a ‘message’.

A Miracle Over Skype – BFL 35


Cancun, MexicoMiracle Moment – Fernando Doblado lives in Cancun, Mexico. A few sessions with Dr. Nemeh using Skype, and the cancerous tumor in his brain was gone. His doctors are befuddled. This tumor didn’t react the way it usually does. Showing, again, that with God, there is no time or space, and that all things are possible. Fernando is back to 100% health. In this episode, you will hear as he progresses from student to teacher. He learned a lot about God’s love and how we are to love.  (Segment begins at 10 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Can the doctor teach us to pray and get the same results that he does? Is it something that you can teach, or is it something that you already are? Are there others out there doing this same work? Dr. Nemeh again stresses the importance that we follow the will and the predestination that the Holy Spirit guides us by.
(Segment begins at 30 minutes)

Bonus Miracle – Dr. Patricia Kaine came to witness at the last healing service. You may have seen her on the Dr. Oz Show. She had a complete reversal of pulmonary fibrosis.
(Segment begins at 7 minutes)

Also in this episode …
1. I’m a lousy psychic
2. My wife’s knuckles may never be flesh tone again
3. Voice to text is not perfect, especially when you’re trying to say Dr. IPsalm Niemi.