The Holy Spirit is Not in Every ‘Christian’ – BFL 168


Holy Spirit is Not in Every ChristianNot in Every ‘Christian’
Just because we call ourselves Christians, does not mean that the Holy Spirit dwells in us. Dr. Issam Nemeh provides new insights into what makes a real Christian. Continue reading

Church and State: A Bad Romance – BFL 160


Church and StateChurch and State

Let’s do this in a series of questions for Dr. Issam Nemeh. His answers will have you rethinking your Christian belief system.

  • How separate do we keep church and state?
  • Should there be laws restricting abortion?
  • Should there be laws restricting anyone wishing to be married to anybody?
  • Should priests ever withhold the Eucharist from public figures who favor abortion rights?

Continue reading

When Your Faith is Stuck – BFL 117


StuckIt’s a bit like being ‘stuck’ on a department store escalator. We are certainly capable of moving to a higher level but hey, look at all the cool toys on this floor! Sometimes, it’s just easier to stay stuck to all the physical pleasures Continue reading

Were You Expecting More from Life?

Philip Keller’s message delivered at a recent Healing Service:

I saw a movie a while back called, “Boyhood”. At the Philipend of the movie, the mom, after years of struggle and suffering, looks back on her life and says something that I think a lot of people can relate to. “I just thought there would be more,” and she cries.
‘I just thought there would be more’. That stung me. Because I realize, that if you are truly just part of this physical world, and your ‘spiritual switch’ is not on, that is exactly what life can feel like. No matter how many times Continue reading