Devil Described: Ugly Face with an Ugly Crown


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh

Jesus has twice given Dr. Issam Nemeh a clear vision of Lucifer’s actual appearance. Here is the devil described. You have never heard him described this way … It is like nothing Continue reading

Why All the Confusion Over Whether There Will Be a Rapture?


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – There Will Be a Rapturedr. issam nemeh
I’ve always wished that you could take Bible study class … Dr. Nemeh style. Bible stories come to life! What once was fuzzy, is now clear and Continue reading

The Committed Faithfulness of Mother Angelica – BFL 140


Committed Faithfulness of Mother AngelicaDeep and Constant Faith in the Lord
“Lord, I gotta have one of these.” These were the words of Mother Angelica in the 70’s while walking into a television studio for the first time. The dream began. And because of the committed faithfulness of Mother Angelica, the Continue reading

Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me


Issam’s Insight –  Stop Loving YourselfDr. Issam Nemeh

Is it time to pick up your cross? Listen, as you can almost hear the eyebrows being raised as Dr. Issam Nemeh told the crowd to ‘quit loving yourself.’ “How can I love myself? This life is not about loving myself. Christ said ‘pick up your cross Continue reading

Frenzy of Angels


Why does the devil want our soul? Is he just a mean dude who’s ticked off that he was kicked out of heaven? It goes much deeper, to what he experienced at the crucifixion of Christ and what he feels when we follow Jesus.

Miracle MomentBill & Jane
The cancer was in Jane Moser’s colon, lungs, and liver. Even her doctors tell her that there was no way that the chemotherapy would have killed the cancer so quickly. They admit, now, that they didn’t think that Jane would make it. One Dr. Nemeh healing service and the miracles began.

Issam’s Insight – The Good Old Days for Christians


It was all there in the early church, miracles, Dr. Nemehmartyrdom, and an understanding of what life as a Christian was all about. Christians understood that they, like Christ, were reconciling the evil done by the fallen angels. The early Christians knew that it was Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – The Attack on the Family


Evil has a target … men. Men seem to beDr. Nemeh losing manliness, but gaining rage. Christ is the answer to the problem, but Dr. Issam Nemeh makes it very clear in Issam’s Insight that the goal of evil is to destroy the family through it’s attack on men.