“My Feet Were Like Boards”


Miracle MomentHelen Meacham
Helen Meacham has suffered for 20 years with painful rheumatoid arthritis in her feet. Helen’s feet and toes have been like stiff boards. One prayer at a Dr. Nemeh healing service has Helen talking about going to dances again. Continue reading

Running to Miracles


Miracle Moment – Running to MiraclesDorene Sweet
Neuropathy seems to run in the family of Dorene Sweet. Add deformities in her back, and you have some kind of miracle moment for Dorene. Listen, and you will hear the awe in Dorene’s storytelling. We are running to miracles, Continue reading

Any More Questions? – BFL 164


any more questionsAny More Questions?
“All the questions have already been answered on the podcast” – Dr. Issam Nemeh.

So, are we done? Not quite. But the point is well taken. The Blind Faith Live podcast and Continue reading

Finding the Good in Bad Times


Finding the Good in Bad TimesFinding the Good in Bad Times

Losing his job was a new and difficult experience for Philip Keller. He remembered to look for God’s hand in being let go. Something had to end in order for something else to begin. Continue reading

Blue Skies from Now On – BFL 80


BFL.BlueSkiesI got fired. Forget about looking for the silver lining. Go for the blue sky! God’s hand is in everything. He either created it or allowed it. It’s our job to accept it. Not easy sometimes. Here is a replay of my farewell address two years ago.

Who or what is your anchor when things get choppy? Is it a person or a place or a thing that you go to? There was a time when Continue reading

The Miracle Story of Kathy Larizza – BFL 14


Kathy Larizza

Miracle Moment – With two doctors opening the door to the inevitable – amputating her left foot, Kathy turns to healing prayers from ‘The Physician of Unshakeable Faith.’ Her ‘grossly deformed’ foot is now normal.

Issam’s Insight – For the first time, Dr. Nemeh discloses what he experiences during a miracle.