Healthy Wife, Happy Life


Miracle Moment – Happy LifeHappy Life
Feeling 90 years old when you are only 51 is difficult enough. In terms of an active life, Christine Griffith had plunged from a 10 to a 0. Continue reading

Pray for the 45th – BFL 182


pray for the 45th

Pray for the 45th
With this such a divisive time, prayers certainly are in order for the incoming 45th President. During the eight years of the exiting administration, God took quite a hit. Unfortunately, there are fewer people praying now than there were eight years Continue reading

Seeing The Spirit – BFL 136


Seeing The SpiritSeeing The Spirit

Here is an interesting range of events that occurred within one hour. Dr. Issam Nemeh seeing The Spirit in full flight inside a church. As well as an ailing dog seeing the spirit Continue reading

Analyze This Dream – BFL 113


BFL_AnalyzeThisDreamA red pickup truck on a desert road? Are you any good at analyzing dreams? I had a dream nine months ago that I still think about. I took a look back in my daily journal to see what I wrote about it last February. The Spirit is at work again. The ‘red pickup truck’ dream Continue reading