Earth, a Fixer-Upper – BFL 125


earth, a fixer-upperThe world was perfect. Harmonious. Then, it went under new management and pretty much went to, well … Hell. It became a real fixer-upper! Jesus Christ came and began Continue reading

God’s Billion Year Secret – BFL 124


Christ DiedGod’s Secret – Christ Died

God kept a secret for billions of years. Seriously. Billions. At the moment Christ died, the mystery of the ages was revealed. The Angels were the first to realize who Jesus Continue reading

What Happens When We Die?


I was listening to another podcast, TED Talks, and What Happensheard Matthew O’Reilly, a critical care EMT, discuss his observations in watching people transition at accident scenes from the living, to the dead. He noticed the need of the individual to be Continue reading

Miracle Moment – Angels to the Rescue


Kati Russell is our Angel Lady. She had a Kati Russellnear-death experience that opened the door to her ‘Angel Art’. Do you know your Angel’s name? Kati just might be able to tell you.

Laura & Linda SeberPlus, Linda & Laura add their Angel healing experience.

Miracle Moment – 30 Years on Morphine


For 30 years, Nancy Schubert was on morphineNancy Shubert to control her back pain. In the blink of an eye, with a loving prayer, all the pain disappeared. Here’s a bulletin … her physician actually believes Nancy received a miracle!

Issam’s Insight – Angel Fights


Do the Angels actually fight physically over our Dr. Issam Nemehsouls? In this episode, Dr. Nemeh will surprise you with details about what goes on in the invisible world around us.
*Was Jesus still God when He died on the cross?
*Kathy Nemeh begins the segment with ‘Who cares?”