Miracle Moment – 30 Years on Morphine


For 30 years, Nancy Schubert was on morphineNancy Shubert to control her back pain. In the blink of an eye, with a loving prayer, all the pain disappeared. Here’s a bulletin … her physician actually believes Nancy received a miracle!

Miracle Moment – Mother and Daughter


Phyllis Miller and her daughter, Tricia Kaman, Phyllis Miller, Tricia Kamanshare their miracle stories that involve the Blessed Mother at The Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio, and healing services with Dr. Issam Nemeh. Serious issues of dementia, kidneys, and ruptured discs have been healed.

Miracle Moment – Deb Zimmerman


Deb Zimmerman was told by her doctor that thereDeb Zimmerman was nothing more they could do, her cancer had won the war. Deb’s last resort was to endure a 500 mile drive to see Dr. Issam Nemeh. Not long after that, her doctors were calling her a ‘miracle’. Even today, with only one remaining kidney working at a nine percent efficiency rate, she shows no symptoms of illness. Take a listen to one very inspirational lady.

How to Love Your Enemies – BFL 62


The answer comes to us in a talk given by Kathy Nemeh Kathy Nemeh, United in Prayerat the “United in Prayer for the Middle East” held on Sunday at St. Monica’s Church in Garfield Heights, Ohio. As a fourth grader, Kathy’s family moved into a new neighborhood where they were not welcomed. A sign greeted the family as they pulled into the driveway of their new home. It read, “go home”. What did Kathy’s parents say? “Love them back”. Click ‘play’ to hear how love won out, and how the little girl who was holding the ‘go home’ sign was tearfully transformed.
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Devil in Disguise – BFL 49


Does everybody ‘go to the light’ when they die? Marcia & HowardApparently not. This week we talk to Howard Storm whose near-death experience took him far from heaven … to a demonic place filled with darkness. Howard, a lifelong atheist, had a life-changing near-death experience. His story shows us that God never gives up on us … even after death.

Debra & Michel

Miracle Moment – Debra and Michel Kyles can thank William Shatner for their miracles! Although the TV program, “Weird or What”, isn’t in my top 100 favorites … a program that they did on Dr. Issam Nemeh has led to many healings for this couple, including a neck injury and the need for kidney dialysis. Phasers on stun(ning). (Segment begins at 55 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – The story of Howard Storm (above) has Dr. Nemeh talking about the Fallen Angels and their continued evil influence on us and the world. Also, what can we do to shorten the stay of those in Purgatory? Can those with mental illness be returned to normal? (Segment begins at 41)

Speaking Words of Wisdom – BFL 43


Mother Mary came to me, speaking words of wisdom … Let it be. Are we channeling Paul McCartney? No, but this has suddenly turned into a two-parter with a surprise ending.

Miracle MomentPhyllis Miller, Tricia KamanPhyllis Miller and her daughter, Tricia Kaman, share their miracle stories that involve the Blessed Mother at The Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio and healing services with Dr. Issam Nemeh. Serious issues of dementia, kidneys, and ruptured discs have been healed.
(Segment begins at 11 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Dr. Nemeh reveals more from his visit from the Blessed Mother in 1988. Why is she soon to have him build a church? You will hear of the Mary icon that came to life and Mary’s role as we near the end of this evil age.
(Segment at 4 and 26 minutes)

Also in this episode…
I have a book report. I’ve been saying that no one else is delivering the same message as Dr. Nemeh … Then, I started reading, “The Book of Truth.”  Wow! Is the church about to make a huge U-turn?

The Grace of Pictures – BFL 38


GracieMiracle Moment – for five years, a now 12-year-old girl has suffered from a malignant brain tumor. Gracie Venzor, following the lead of her dad Bob, brought a picture of the girl to a Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service. As we have documented numerous times, the pictures help us focus our healing intention. The end result was the same. The malignant tumor is now gone. Neither the girl or her family knew a prayer was being spoken. It didn’t matter. God heard the prayer and did the work. Listen as Gracie, age 23, tells of her deepening faith.
(Segment begins at 8 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – was there ever a calling for Issam Nemeh to be a priest? How does the Holy Spirit convey to Dr. Nemeh what the person standing in front of him needs at his moment of prayer?
(Segment begins at 27 minutes)

Also in this Episode …
* Noah, the movie may not be biblically accurate, but it does open the door to a better understanding of how the Holy Spirit communicates to us.
* My visit to a major league baseball play-by-play booth.
* Rhonda Reader receives a ‘message’.