Election Will Determine America’s Final Destiny – BFL 169


BFL America's Final DestinyAmerica’s Final Destiny
Ironic isn’t it? Our vote (or not voting) for one of the two most disliked presidential candidates ever, will determine the final destination for the USA. This podcast episode, originally airing on Facebook Continue reading

Are You Accepting God’s Forgiveness? – BFL 134


God's forgivenessAre You Accepting God’s Forgiveness

God forgives us when we repent of our sins. Have you accepted His forgiveness?

Many of us carry guilt and sin that has already been forgiven by God. If we have not Continue reading

Analyze This Dream – BFL 113


BFL_AnalyzeThisDreamA red pickup truck on a desert road? Are you any good at analyzing dreams? I had a dream nine months ago that I still think about. I took a look back in my daily journal to see what I wrote about it last February. The Spirit is at work again. The ‘red pickup truck’ dream Continue reading

Get Over Yourself – BFL 109


GetOverYourselfWould you call this God’s tough love? This week’s song indicates that for many, letting go of an old wound has taken too long. The message is, ‘Move On!’  Geez, is God being impatient, or are we stuck somewhere from which we need to get unstuck. Continue reading

Miracle Moment – God Doesn’t Check ID


He doesn’t care how old you are. He is never doneFr. Dave Link with us. Here’s the story of David Link. At a time in his life when most people are retired or planning to retire, he became an ordained priest! Where is his church … a maximum security Continue reading