It’s about You … Not Me. Sacrificial Love.


Miracle Moment – great moments in sacrificial love.Lauren

Maximilian Kolbe took a step out of line, walked up to the Commandant and asked that he be killed instead of another prisoner.

What was he thinking? Who does that? Continue reading

Can’t Start a Fire without a Spark – BFL 162


Can't Start a Fire without a SparkA Spark to Start the Fire
Blind Faith Live is a podcast intended to be a spark. A spark that leads to a raging fire of faith, love and forgiveness in our lives. A fire that easily enables us to a real relationship with God. We are all Continue reading

My Dwindling Faith – BFL 157


FaithFaith to Knowing
The faith of Philip Keller is admittedly dwindling. It is being replaced by knowing. We no longer believe without seeing. Every week, on these podcast episodes, we are seeing, and Continue reading

We Reflect the Light – BFL 148


we reflect the light“Okay Jesus, where are we going today?” With that prayer, Kathy Nemeh begins her day. Today, Kathy comes to the rescue of a beautiful, lost, young woman. The lady Continue reading