God’s Lost & Found Dept. – BFL 78


BFL_LostFoundAs I listened to a third grader read the Scripture about how God, as a good shepherd, will leave the flock in order to find the lost sheep, I couldn’t help but remember how he came to find me back in 1999. As I eagerly followed Him back to the flock, I looked around only to find that my wife Continue reading

Is Your Faith ‘Normal’? – BFL 73


NormalWe feature more than 100 real miracle stories. Does ‘normal’ faith bring about these impossible physical healings? Is your faith normal? Every day, Dr. Issam Nemeh prays for people. Every day, things happen. Miracles happen. Is that normal?

Kathy Nemeh thought she was going to live a normal doctor’s wife existence. Then, she watches her husband swim out into the ocean to find his lost glasses. Is that normal? Continue reading

God Wants You to Know – BFL 65


Message from GodIt was all there in the early church. Miracles, martyrdom, and an understanding of what life as a Christian was all about. Christians understood that they, like Christ, were reconciling the evil done by the fallen angels. The early Christians knew that it was only a matter of time before the influence of evil would end. Continue reading