The Weird or What Miracle


Miracle Moment – Weird or WhatDiane_Luke Beland
This would fall under the ‘God works in mysterious ways’ category. Thank you William Shatner. Diane and Luke Beland drove twelve hours from Canada to have Diane’s Continue reading

A Face Changed. A Mind Opened.


Miracle Momentmind opened
Charlene Kalo suffered from debilitating migraines for 40 years. Coinciding with the pain, was disfigurement of her face. A hideous explosion of half of Charlene’s face would cause her to go into hiding. Dr. Issam Nemeh prayed. A Continue reading

The Greatest Weapon in Spiritual Warfare


RosaryThe Greatest Weapon in Spiritual Warfare

Why is it that the Blessed Mother, in so many of her appearances, tells all of us to pray the Holy Rosary? Isn’t the Rosary just a Catholic thing? Mary says, ‘No.’ Mary has stated, repeatedly, Continue reading