Searching for a Miracle – The Barr Sisters Story Updated

Here is the video we produced to tell their story. We hope that you enjoy it and share it with friends and family!
Searching for a Miracle – The Barr Sisters Story.

The organ transplant team stood at the hospital room door. They were ready to harvest the organs of Sophia Barr, who had little or no brain activity. Sophia and her sister Sierra had barely survived a horrific car accident. Sierra lay in a deep coma. Tina Barr, the mother of the two teenage sisters, needed a miracle. Kathy and Dr. Issam Nemeh began to pray… and the impossible happened.

The Case for Christ – BFL 194


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“I Can See Through the Cataracts”


Miracle Moment

“My ophthalmologist doesn’t understand how I’m Dorothy Campbellable to see so well despite cataracts in both eyes,” says 87-year-old Dorothy Campbell. Continue reading

The Fragrance of Saints


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The Power of Humility – BFL 180


the power of humilityThe Power of Humility
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In the Beginning, the Nemehs


in the beginning, the nemehsMiracle Moment
Thousands of miracle stories could be told, but how were things in the beginning? How did the Nemeh healing ministry get started?. Dr. Issam Nemeh and his wife, Kathy, pray. Continue reading