A Paraplegic’s Dancin’ Feet – BFL 198


paraplegicDr. Issam Nemeh prays, things happen. Amazing things. Sally Breier has been a paraplegic since 2001. A devastating fall put her in a wheelchair. And yet, when Dr. Issam Nemeh prays with Sally, the impossible happens… Including walking. Continue reading

Can You Sing in the Rain? – BFL 181


Sing in the rainLa La Land and Singing in the Rain have something in common for those of faith. Both have scenes depicting moments of what should be pure misery. Instead, everyone in the movie, and anybody watching it, is lifted up. Movie scenes depicting being stuck in traffic for hours, or caught in a deluge of rain, Continue reading

“I Can Feel My Legs”


Vinny Geiger was injured five years ago in a cliff diving I Can Feel My Legsaccident. He has felt nothing below his naval since then. Things changed recently during healing services near Cincinnati, Ohio. Vinny is in awe as he watches what the Holy Spirit is doing to his legs! His feet and legs began moving up and down and even kicking. The muscles in his legs grew and became sore. In the shower, he could feel the water hitting his legs and the temperature change. Even in the hours between his prayers from Dr. Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh, the Holy Spirit continued to move his legs. Click here to see video of Vinny’s first movements. Vinny has become quite emotional as he realizes that God is touching and healing him.

Also … we highlight two employees of Jay’s Furniture in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jessica Sarles and Justin Sheets were touched by healings of forgiveness issues, and the healing of the mind.

Am I Headed to the West Coast? – BFL 72


HollywoodAll the clues in this episode of Blind Faith Live seem to indicate that the West Coast is in my near future. But this is just one of the questions popping up in Episode 72.

What do I do when I stumble in my attempt to get these miracle stories to a waiting producer of a Continue reading

Thanks – Giving – BFL 71


Thanks - givingThis was new for me. Having a moment by moment, breath by breath discussion with God over what the topic would be for this week’s podcast. Think I’m kidding? I never knew this kind of relationship was possible until  Continue reading

Miracle Moment – Denise Voss


Such a freak accident. Denise was Denise Vossstanding on a ladder, knocking icicles off the rain gutter with a broom. However, one icicle was like a dagger as it fell and hit her on the left temple. Denise plummeted to the ground, slamming her back. The fall left Denise Voss a motionless quadriplegic. Continue reading