Issam’s Insight – Should We Ever Bargain with God?


Also…Dr. Nemeh
Why does a good God allow suffering?
Should we ever seek suffering as many of the Saints did?
What is the value of suffering?
How does our suffering take a bite out of the evil in this world?
Does suffering on earth negate our time in purgatory?

God’s Reverse Psychology – BFL 107



This felt like a left hook out of nowhere. I was halfway through producing this episode when the punch landed. The focus took a huge left turn. Call it God’s reverse psychology. I never saw it coming. I have never delivered a message like this one. It’s the equivalent of Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – The Heaven and Hell of Purgatory


Evan Alexander, a neurologist (author of Proof Dr. Issam Nemehof Heaven) believed his near-death experience had delivered him to heaven. Howard Storm believed he was in hell. Fact is, they were both in Purgatory … just at different levels.
Also …
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Miracle Moment – Wake-Up Call for An Atheist


Does everyone ‘go to the light’ when they die? Howard StormApparently not. We talk to Howard Storm whose near-death experience took him far from heaven … to a demonic place filled with darkness. Howard, a life-long atheist, had a life-changing near-death experience. His story shows us that God never gives up on us … even after death.

Issam’s Insight – Proof of Purgatory


Proof of Heaven is the very interesting book by Dr. Issam Nemehneurologist Evan Alexander, that purports to prove that there really is a heaven. The trouble is, all the evidence points to the proof of the 2nd heaven (Purgatory).

Also in this segment, the things that Angels tell us. Actually, the more we trust in God, the less we ask Him and His Angels for information, and the more we simply are still, and wait for the info.

Are Ghosts Real? – BFL 67


Mary Ann WinkowskiMary Ann Winkowski, who inspired the CBS TV hit  series Ghost Whisperer joins us to answer the question, are ghosts real? For 25 consecutive years, Mary Ann ‘the Ghostbuster’ would join me on the radio Halloween morning. We would take calls from listeners who believed they had a ghost in their house. Some did. I would push Mary Ann to prove that she could see what she said she could see. She did so with dazzling accuracy. Mary Ann joins Continue reading

What Happens When I Die? – BFL 63


Angels? Heaven? Jesus? Yes, to all the above.

I was listening to another podcast, TED Talks, and heard Matthew O’Reilly, a critical care EMT, discuss his observations in watching people transition at accident scenes from the living, to the dead. He noticed the need of the individual to be forgiven, to be remembered, while at the same time accepting their fate with peace.

I share my own very personal story of a close friend who did not accept his fate of death. He was angry. Through him, we learn more about Angels, Jesus, and the importance of our state of mind in determining our destination following death. We also learn that our prayers for our deceased loved ones have enormous power.

Miracle MomentRoy & Bonnie NuttFifteen years of pharmaceutical’s most powerful pain drugs still left Bonnie Nutt, a nurse, in excruciating pain. An automobile accident, in 1999, had left her spine in the shape of an ‘S’. In Dr. Nemeh’s medical office, the Holy Spirit Continue reading