Miracle Moment – Chuck Slaby


Heavy narcotics and Chuck’s brain wired to a couple of gizmos Chuck & Anna Marie Slabyimplanted into his hips, that were designed to tell his brain that there was no pain, all of this to counter RSD. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy was the irreversible disorder that had plagued Chuck Slaby throughout his body for thirteen years. How did just one prayer reverse everything? The remarkable story is told by Chuck and his wife, Anna Marie.

How to Love Your Enemies – BFL 62


The answer comes to us in a talk given by Kathy Nemeh Kathy Nemeh, United in Prayerat the “United in Prayer for the Middle East” held on Sunday at St. Monica’s Church in Garfield Heights, Ohio. As a fourth grader, Kathy’s family moved into a new neighborhood where they were not welcomed. A sign greeted the family as they pulled into the driveway of their new home. It read, “go home”. What did Kathy’s parents say? “Love them back”. Click ‘play’ to hear how love won out, and how the little girl who was holding the ‘go home’ sign was tearfully transformed.
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Stethoscopes & Collars … I’m Calling You Out – BFL 52


I have here, 52 weeks of miracle stories. So, where’s the clergy? Where are the doctors? All I hear are crickets. How is it that those who are regarded as the heads of our physical and spiritual well-being show no curiosity about these remarkable, miraculous healings of the body and soul? Their silence tells us much about the state of our church and our medical professionals.

Kristin DawsonMiracle Moment – The doctors that I referenced above cannot reverse a horribly painful affliction known as RSD. Suicide is not uncommon among the afflicted because of the relentless pain. But add Kristin Dawson to the list of those who have shed this horrible disorder, thanks to God and the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. (This is where you read the first paragraph above and shake your head again.)

Issam’s Insight – The doctor’s thoughts on why the medical world, as well as clergy, refuse to look at all the possibilities of healing that come directly from God.

Keeping it Real with KathyLeBron JamesLeBron James and Dr. Issam Nemeh have something in common … and it has nothing to do with a basketball or a prayer book.

Francis is ‘2nd to Nun’ – BFL 36


Miracle Moment – Nuns don’t get any nicer than Sr. Elizabeth Ann. She is an angel. Her Sister Elizabeth Annkindness is legendary. It’s no wonder why God healed a decade-long chronic back problem and then removed her need for glasses…that she had worn for 40 years – the thick kind!
This is another one of those stories where while one person is receiving a treatment in Dr. Nemeh’s office, he turns to the friend in the room, and prays away their problem. Sister Elizabeth Ann needed glasses for both distance and reading. Both issues were fixed.
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Francis GallagherFrancis Gallagher was dealing with RSD. Pain of the maximum magnitude. The irreversible kind. But just like back in Episode 25, with Chuck and Anna, God can do anything.
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Issam’s Insight – We seem to be stuck in our physical self. Prisoners of this world. We have a duality. Remember, we are eternal spirits as well.
This episode focuses on getting out of prison and opening our spiritual side and connecting to the mind of God. When we do, we open all the possibilities of God’s loving touch and experiences.
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Also in this episode …
*Rhonda Reader still needs an attitude adjustment