Proving God – BFL 130


Proving GodProving God

There is a science to the miraculous healings that we document here. There are thousands of miracles to track. Is there a tipping point, the moment when science says ‘we believe’? Continue reading

Miracle Prayers Answered Here – BFL 128


Miracle Prayers Answered HereMiracle Prayers Answered Here

Thousands of miracle stories could be told. We are documenting hundreds of them. Miracle prayers are being answered. Dr. Issam Nemeh and his wife, Kathy, pray. Things happen. Miracles happen. Let’s take a Continue reading

Red Dragon / Black Dragon – BFL 121 – Revised


DragonWhile Tom Hanks is defending a Russian spy in the real life story, Bridge of Spies, the modern-day Russians have vowed to protect the Christians in the Middle East. Are the bad guys now the good guys? Continue reading

Somebody I Used to Know – BFL 120


Ed Esposito

Ed Esposito, of the Rubber City Radio Group, and a long time, nationally recognized radio newsman, conducts the interview this week of Dr. Issam Nemeh and Philip Keller (Trapper Jack). Ed probes the miracle stories, how they happen, and why the results of Dr. Nemeh’s prayers are so powerful.DrNemeh_Trapper Jack Continue reading

Fingers Grow Back – BFL 110


Brooke's HandFingers grow back? For real? Yes! We say, “With God, all things are possible!” Do we actually believe those words? Husband and wife, doctors, Sam and Debbie (Lederbach) Barther, along with their daughter Brooke, tell the story of finger regrowth, the reversal of partial blindness, Continue reading

Butterfly Kisses, Amnesia and a Healing Gizmo – BFL 102


Butterfly KissDo you remember anything from the time of your birth to four years of age? Dare I say that it’s possible, the more spiritual you are, the more likely you are to remember that time of your life.

Butterfly Kisses, a video from my daughter, Carolyn, launches Continue reading