Feeling Lucky? – BFL 159


Feeling LuckyWhen good things happen to us, we say that we’re feeling lucky, and blessed. What about when a string of bad luck happens? Still feeling blessed? Did we do somethingwrong? Did we upset God? A Frank Sinatra song leads us into the topic of luck. Continue reading

My Dwindling Faith – BFL 157


FaithFaith to Knowing
The faith of Philip Keller is admittedly dwindling. It is being replaced by knowing. We no longer believe without seeing. Every week, on these podcast episodes, we are seeing, and Continue reading

“My doctor can’t believe that God healed me.” Relief from Degenerative Disc Disease


Miracle Moment – “My doctor can’t believe that Ann CelestiniGod healed me from Degenerative Disc Disease”

Degenerative discs in her spine had left nurse Ann Celestini in chronic pain. Her pain was only somewhat alleviated by 25 Continue reading