Am I the Missing Piece to the Family Puzzle? – BFL 170


BFL_Missing PieceAm I the Missing Piece?
We all desire a perfect family. Love, closeness, and harmony 24/7 is the ideal picture. Of course, the reality is always some level of dysfunction.
The most heartfelt healing at a recent Dr. Nemeh healing service was that which was Continue reading

What’s the Buzz Jesus? Are You Touching Everybody? – BFL 143


What's the Buzz Jesus?“I believe,” says a Buddhist who just received healing through the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. We have all noticed the sharp uptick in miracle stories surrounding Dr. Nemeh. It seems almost everybody is being touched by Continue reading

Miracle Moment – “I Saw God’s Hand”


The greatest healing of all, is the healing of our mind. When our mind is right (on the same page as God) we begin to understand everything in our lives.

Miracle MomentDennis with Bike
Spoiler alert. In listening to the story of Denny Thompson, you will envy what he has, and I’m not talking about the Continue reading

If I Only had a Brain – BFL 91


If I Only Had a BrainThe Wizard of Oz and I collide in this episode. Borrowing the scarecrow’s brain, the tin man’s heart and a little courage from the cowardly lion, I delivered a talk I was hesitant to give. You may decide that the music that plays in my head has me making a rather crazy prophecy.
(Segment begins at three minutes) Continue reading

The Miracle Story of Suzanne Engle – BFL 20


Suzanne EngleMiracle Moment
– Blindness, 40 years of asthma, and a friend’s bow-leggedness all undergo awesome changes.

Issam’s Insight – “Living in heaven while on earth.”