You Had Me at Bacon – BFL 191


you had me at baconGod is showing his sense of humor in this podcast episode. Between Kathy Nemeh ‘keeping it real,’ and our Miracle Moment, we are serving up extra helpings of tasty bacon.

Miracle Moment
Through the most unlikely series of events, Continue reading

Living Water – BFL 190


“Whoever drinks this water will never thirst again.”  -John 4:5. This podcast episode of Blind Faith Live demonstrates how the living water that is Jesus Christ quenches our spiritual thirst forever. This can be realized in a very physical experience. Continue reading

Praying with Imagination – BFL 189


praying with imaginationPrayer
Is Jesus in the room when you pray? Is Blessed Mother Mary sitting next to you while praying a rosary? Have you ever imagined yourself in biblical times, walking with Jesus? These are examples of getting past the words of prayers and feeling the Continue reading

Your Personal Jesus – BFL 187


your personal jesusYour Personal Jesus
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Topics include…

*Are you praying or slipping downward to the meditating level? Continue reading

Can You Sing in the Rain? – BFL 181


Sing in the rainLa La Land and Singing in the Rain have something in common for those of faith. Both have scenes depicting moments of what should be pure misery. Instead, everyone in the movie, and anybody watching it, is lifted up. Movie scenes depicting being stuck in traffic for hours, or caught in a deluge of rain, Continue reading

‘My Baby Was Given One Year to Live’ – A Mother’s Story


Miracle Moment – A Mothers’ StoryA Mother's Story
The prognosis for baby Crew Bornstine was one to two years of life. So, does it get any better for a parent when suddenly the 15-month old Crew was moving, eating without a feeding tube, rolling over, and doing all the other Continue reading

Election Will Determine America’s Final Destiny – BFL 169


BFL America's Final DestinyAmerica’s Final Destiny
Ironic isn’t it? Our vote (or not voting) for one of the two most disliked presidential candidates ever, will determine the final destination for the USA. This podcast episode, originally airing on Facebook Continue reading