Six Minute Rice


Miracle Moment – Six Minute RiceBecca Rice
Becca Rice shares her many miracles in just six minutes. So let’s call this Episodeā€¦ Six Minute Rice. The miracles include a bone moving, spine straightening, voice returning, Continue reading

Un-Conventional Prayers – BFL 156


Un-Conventional PrayerWith the Republicans and the Democrats doing their thing over the next couple of weeks, let’s take a look at our role. We Christians are a different sort. We are to love our enemies. Yes, our political enemies, too. Of course, this means we pray for our Continue reading

Church Split – BFL 127


BFL_Church SplitChurch Split is Happening

Are you feeling it? The church split is happening within every faith. Do we follow the trends of our culture or stick with what Jesus Christ and the apostles taught us 2000 years ago? Continue reading