The Fool on the Hill – BFL 44


Who is the fool on the Hill?  Listen to this episode and let me know who you think it is.  We continue the conversation over whether Maria Divine Mercy truly receives her messages from Jesus Christ … or from evil.  Does Jesus really believe that Pope Francis will soon turn his back on Him?  She lifts Catholicism while casting a wary eye on the Vatican.

Miracle Moment – Liz Simmons HAD Multiple Sclerosis Liz Simmonsfor twenty years. It’s gone! She HAD irreversible Optic Neuritis. It’s gone! She was one of the three women who saw the icon of the Blessed Mother come to life in the office of Dr. Issam Nemeh.
(Segment begins at 41 minutes)

Blessed Mother Picture
Issam’s Insight – In conjunction with my thoughts on Maria Divine Mercy, Dr. Nemeh restates what is soon to come … the global examination of conscience, the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the second coming of Jesus Christ, rapture, and yes, a huge controversy within the Church that will split the believers.
(Segment begins at 52 minutes)

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