The Miracle Story of Kathy Larizza – BFL 14


Kathy Larizza

Miracle Moment – With two doctors opening the door to the inevitable – amputating her left foot, Kathy turns to healing prayers from ‘The Physician of Unshakeable Faith.’ Her ‘grossly deformed’ foot is now normal.

Issam’s Insight – For the first time, Dr. Nemeh discloses what he experiences during a miracle.

1 thought on “The Miracle Story of Kathy Larizza – BFL 14

  1. It is true what Dr. Nemeh says about his knowingness. I had an amazing healing and Dr. Nemeh knows without me writing this. He told me I am very connected to Jesus. Jesus won’t let me go and wants something of me since I was 13. I think Dr. Nemeh knows. Jesus will only communicate with me as to what I can understand or take of Him. Jesus in His love is gentle. If you are afraid of His blinding golden light, He knows your fear and will take it away. Jesus lets you feel in your body what you can physically take. He already healed my blindness in my left eye as a young girl.

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