“I Used to Crawl Upstairs,” Says Mary (Progressive MS)


Miracle Moment – Progressive MSDean & Mary Munger

“I’m looking down at my feet as I walk and thinking, “Wow, I’m picking up my feet. I’m not shuffling. It’s been ten years since I was able to walk like this.” Mary Munger has suffered with multiple sclerosis (MS) since the 70’s. She has recently been put into the ‘Progressive MS’ category. And yet, she received a tremendous reversal at a Dr. Nemeh healing service. Mary is also able to walk upstairs normally now, instead of the two feet on a step method. “There were those nights I used to crawl upstairs,” Mary reflected. Mary and her husband, Dean, share what it’s like to be ‘orchestrated’ by the Holy Spirit during a healing.

Also …

Hooplaha.com put Dr. Issam Nemeh in their ‘hero’ category as they highlighted the miracle stories that surround the doctor.

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