‘Waiting for a Star to Fall.’ Everyone Will See God’s Warning in the Sky


Issam Insights – ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall.’ Everyone Dr. Issam NemehWill See God’s Warning in the Sky

God’s warning came to us, direct from heaven, some fifty years ago. Mary’s appearance tells of the next big event in human history. The sky above will provide the frightening scene. Decision time. The day that Jesus Christ was talking about when he said, “Lukewarm … I will spit you out.” The day draws closer. Our Lady of Garabandal in Spain appeared thousands of times with a message of love and warning.

Dr. Issam Nemeh has little time for prophecy that does not fit within Revelation. Does the story above from Garabandal fit biblically? Does it clarify and give us all the information of what we are to watch for within the world and in the church? Take a listen …and keep your eye on the sky.

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