Wake Up America


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh
With the USA being the world’s Christian stronghold, Dr. Issam Nemeh reminds us, the Evil One knows that if he can topple America, Christianity tumbles with it. “The enemy is within,” Nemeh tells us. Are we praying for America… Every day? Are we loving our country and everything it has blessed us with? If we remain faithful, the upcoming transition in the world will be a smooth one for us. Wake up America. Let’s count the blessings God has given to us. It is a time to ‘be still and know that He is God.’



2 thoughts on “Wake Up America

  1. Philip, I just have to tell you, when I heard Brenda Lee start playing my eyes filled.
    Made me think of her Christmas album. Many Spiritual songs on it and all six of my siblings and myself love this music that my father played the entire Christmas season. Have you heard it? You would love it, honest.

    Again, the lukewarm Christian, I keep hearing this, everywhere.
    Hearing the podcasts help me so much to focus on Jesus. Listening to the both of you make it peaceful and comforting, So encouraging to listen to, thank you!

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