Holy Spirit Moves Legs of Paraplegic – BFL 59


Vinny Geiger was injured four years ago in a cliff diving accident. He has felt nothing below his naval since then. Things changed recently during healing services near Cincinnati, Ohio.


Vinny, in awe as he watches what the Holy Spirit is doing to his legs!

His feet and legs began to move up and down and even kicking. The muscles in his legs grew and became sore. In the shower, he could feel the water hitting his legs and the temperature change. Even in the hours between his prayers from Dr. Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh, the Holy Spirit continued to move his legs.

Click here to see video of Vinny’s first movements.

Vinny has become quite emotional as he realizes that God is touching and healing him. We will update as Vinny begins his medical treatment with Dr. Nemeh.

Jessie & Jerry SarlesMiracle Moment – We highlight three employees of Jay’s Furniture in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jerry and Jessica Sarles and Justin Sheets were touched by healings of the eyes, stroke symptoms, forgiveness issues, and the healing of the mind.
(Segment begins at 7 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – These are the things that matter. The topics include…healing, the Fallen Angels, Christ becoming man, our role in redemption, how to live in heaven now, and how love is the key to everything that God does.  (Segment begins at 27 minutes)

5 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Moves Legs of Paraplegic – BFL 59

  1. Holy spirit really helps in getting you what you need in desperate situations. I will never forget him as he helped me to get the job I needed desperately. Pray to him through him and get closer to Christ.

    • The Holy Spirit is always available to us. Just call upon her guide your thoughts, words and actions. Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and lead my way.

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  3. There are not limits to what God can do. Come with no Negativity and come most of all with Love… Thank you Jesus – The Sarles Family

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