A Visit to Heaven


Issam Insights – A Visit to HeavenDr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Issam Nemeh has been shown heaven three times. These were physical visits, not just spiritual. St. Paul wrote about being taken physically into the ‘third heaven.’ Dr. Nemeh has also been given this experience. It is a world where everything is animated and interacting with everything else. A world where there is no darkness. A world of no empty space. Dr Nemeh describes how Jesus was waiting for him, what he saw and felt, and why he believes he was allowed this experience. This is Dr. Nemeh Visits Heaven, Part One. Part Two will follow next week.

“Jesus Pushed Me Back”

Dr. Nemeh’s return to the hospital room from which he had departed surprised another doctor who moments before was alone. This resulted in a ‘come to Jesus moment’ for him as well.

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  1. As I always say. “Dr. Issam Nemeh is our gift from God.” Thank you God for bringing me to this amazing man who brought me closer to the Holy Spirit. God Bless him and his Family ?

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