Who’s Who



Aka, Trapper Jack, a veteran radio host, with a Philip Keller unique blend of wit, civic pride, and spirituality, making him one of a kind. He featured Dr. Nemeh miracle stories on his own show and in television appearances. Philip, and two of his sisters, are legally blind from retinitis pigmentosa. The program name, Blind Faith, struck him while sitting in church. On the program’s first day, in the same church, the opening song was “We Walk by Faith, and Not by Sight.”   “God’s great sense of humor,” says Keller. He currently hosts another podcast called “Touched by Heaven – Everyday Encounters with God.”  And is busy sharing his faith through inspirational talks. Visit the Trapper Jack Speaks website for more information.



The wife of Philip Keller, and webmaster, without whom Elizabeth this blog exists! Following an advertising career, then her own direct marketing business, she joined Philip in creating Blind Faith Live! She had two quick inspirations for the logo, once Philip decided upon Blind Faith Live. First, was to insert a white cane thru the letters; the second came while taking pictures for the background. The form of a white dove appearing in the clouds told Philip and Elizabeth that this venture was truly blessed by God.



Dr. Issam Nemeh“The Physician of Unshakeable Faith,” is a cardio-thoracic anesthesiologist who turned to private practice. Due to his innovative and highly effective treatment methods, Dr. Nemeh has been featured in a number of articles and news programs, and appeared on the Dr. Oz and 700 Club television programs. So many miraculous recoveries have occurred that healing services have been held since 2000. It’s estimated that over 500,000 have had individual prayers with Dr. Nemeh.



Kathy NemehThe wife of Dr. Nemeh and the secret weapon of the ministry, Kathy, usually seen with a cell phone in hand, runs both the professional and personal world of the Nemeh family. She is known for her outgoing and funny personality, downplaying the many miracles that have come through her own powerful prayers. Kathy’s daily montra is “Jesus, I trust in you.”