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BFL_AnalyzeThisDreamA red pickup truck on a desert road? Are you any good at analyzing dreams? I had a dream nine months ago that I still think about. I took a look back in my daily journal to see what I wrote about it last February. The Spirit is at work again. The ‘red pickup truck’ dream is tied to last week’s episode which was entitled, Kathy Nemeh Prays…Things Happen. The dream is wrapped around Kathy’s new found willingness to answer God’s call and pray alongside her husband, Issam, at healing services. The dream indicates that a corner has literally just been turned, and as the song says…the Best is Yet to Come.

Miracle Moment
Remember the movie Bubble Boy? It was about a boy who Steve & Donettahad to live in a plastic bubble in order to stay alive. He had no immune system to fight off any invading bacteria. Donetta Jonas is suffering from a similar fate. Her husband, Steve, stumbled upon Blind Faith Live several months ago which led to him sending an email and photo of Donetta to Kathy and Dr. Nemeh. They prayed over the picture. That took care of problem number one…a knee, scheduled for a total replacement, was suddenly made perfect. Her doctor is perplexed. Other issues involving stenosis, fibromyalgia, and the immune issues are systematically being checked off.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Promised in the last episode, but delivered in this one… Who in the Bible is the first person to be mentioned as being ‘filled with the Holy Spirit?’ Who is the only person mentioned as being ‘full of grace?’ Who is the only person ever said to be ‘overshadowed’ by the Holy Spirit? The answer, of course, leads us to a Lady that all Christians are called to know and love.

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