Any More Questions? – BFL 164


any more questionsAny More Questions?
“All the questions have already been answered on the podcast” – Dr. Issam Nemeh.

So, are we done? Not quite. But the point is well taken. The Blind Faith Live podcast and website has a ton of content. It is focused on informing listeners of everything that is necessary at this time, in matters of faith.

In this episode, we go back before there was a BFL. Back to a time when Dr. Nemeh would answer questions at healing services. The questions were similar, but the dance between Dr. Nemeh and the questioner was a bit different. We think you will enjoy the variety.

Topics include…
Free will, rapture, the innocence of babies, prayer, heaven etc.

Miracle MomentMary Laduc
Mary Laduc walked into a Dr Nemeh healing service with her foot in a cast. She walked out of the service minus the cast. The broken bones and misdirected toes were healed. The pain was shockingly gone. You will hear the smile in Mary’s voice as the Holy Spirit did exactly what Mary prayed it would.

Philip Keller will be speaking at St. Mark Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio, Sunday, October 2, at 7 PM. The talk is entitled “Trapper Jack – Broadcasting to Podcasting, a Crystal Clear Message of Faith.”

The event is free. St. Mark’s address is 15800 Montrose Avenue, Cleveland 44111. All are welcome.

1 thought on “Any More Questions? – BFL 164

  1. What a beautiful Podcast. They all are, but so many of my questions were answered more thoroughly today. Both Bob and I were blessed when our beloved Dana spoke about Duncan and his healing with Dr. Nemeh. Our lives are blessed also with having Dr. Nemeh, Kathy, and you, Philip, in our lives. God loves you and so do we, Dorothy.

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