Atomic Prayers


Atomic PrayersAtomic Prayers
Not even a nuclear bomb could destroy a church that stood a mere 8 blocks away. Isn’t it fortifying when God demonstrates that He is here with us? When the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945, a Catholic Jesuit church withstood the impact. The Jesuit priests inside were unscathed. They lived out full productive lives.

How is this possible? Scientists say that it took an equal force pushing back against the bomb blast for the church to remain standing. Who or what was pushing back? Why is it that few Christians know this story, the Fatima Miracle in Hiroshima.

Dr. Issam Nemeh marvels that the church is still standing, considering all the information that has been subverted from the days of the early church. Only by the grace of God is our Christian church still here.

Miracle Moment
Amanda Palmer and her mother, Beatrice, talk to us aboutAmanda & Beatrice Palmer how the most aggressive kind of MS put Amanda in a wheelchair in 2011. Unable to put any weight on her legs, it would be virtually impossible for Amanda to ever escape the chair. And yet, it’s happening as you read this.

The initial goal for Amanda was to be able, as her sister’s maid of honor, to walk down the aisle with the aid of a walker. An impossible thought? She did it! And, Amanda continues to get stronger and spend longer periods of time away from the wheelchair. Amanda’s neurologist is dazzled. She is not only getting out of the wheelchair, but she is doing it without any of the medicine that he is recommending.

Visit Episode 85 to see the video.

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