Baby Steps: How to be Moved by the Holy Spirit – BFL 152


Holy SpiritWhen Colleen Steadley begins to pray, her body begins to move by itself. Her body shakes and sometimes she is able to see Jesus or Mary. Ever since Dr. Issam Nemeh prayed over Colleen, the Holy Spirit has never left her. Colleen is dealing with breast cancer. The miracle healing is ongoing. Holy SpiritEase in breathing was the first benefit.

This is not such an unusual event for those who are filled with the Holy Spirit. So how do we become so filled? That is the topic of Dr. Nemeh’s Issam Insights.

Road Trip

A church filled with miracle stories. Philip and Elizabeth Keller took a quick road trip to Carey, Ohio, to visit the Basilica and National Shrine to Our Lady of Consolation. This is one of the titles that has been given to the Blessed Mother Mary. For more than 140 years, the afflicted have pleaded before Our Lady for healing. The results and levels of thankfulness is astounding.

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