A Baby with a Halo? Both Parents Saw It – BFL 146


A Baby with a Halo?A Baby with a Halo? Both Parents Saw It
Kathy Nemeh reveals the story of a little baby with a halo around its head! The sign was stunning for the parents of this very sick child.

Road Trip
The 70’s hit Low Rider by War has Philip Keller and his wife, Elizabeth, wondering where their car will soon be headed. “Take a little trip, and see,” say the lyrics. The Kellers are packing.

Miracle Moment
Rose Lovano has been hobbled to the point of a cane and wheelchair. Back issues aggravated by medical treatment took away her normal life. Rose always felt that God would heal her. He did just that a few nights ago. Following her medical treatment and prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh there is no longer any need for even the came. You will hear the joy in Roses voice.

Issam Insights
When exactly does a baby start leaning toward good, or to bad. What does the spirit in us know, and when does it know it? Also in this episode… Prefigurement. That is, those big moments in the Bible that are repeated. For example, did you know that the choice the Angels made, we too will be making?

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