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what kept teen aliveBack from the Brink
Dr. Issam Nemeh’s ability to recognize that the spirit of Sophia Barr was still within her, even while diagnosed brain dead, kept the organ harvesting team at bay. “The spirit is behind life. The spirit is the essence,” says Dr. Nemeh. Doctors and nurses watched in stunned silence as Sophia began moving her entire body in accordance with the verbal commands given by the prayerful team of Issam and Kathy Nemeh.

Astoundingly, the above Miracle Moment was not referenced in a local Fox television ‘miracle’ news story about two teenage sisters, who had suwhat kept this teen alivervived a devastating car accident. Sophia’s sister Sierra, had also been brought out of a coma just moments before by the same husband and wife team.

Tina Barr and her daughters, Sophia and Sierra, join us in this week’s podcast episode. The girls like to call Dr. Nemeh there ‘miracle dad.’

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemehwhat kept this teen alive
Could the medical world be shown how to know when the spirit of life is still within their patients?

If the spirit of a person is gone to its reward, is it even possible for medicine to keep the physical body alive?

2 thoughts on “Back from the Brink, What Kept this Teen Alive? – BFL 185

  1. I have been waiting to hear this podcast! So wonderful to see a picture of these girls, with their “miracle dad”. Thank you for playing this update.
    Kathy very persistent, a modern day “Mother Angelica” She’s not afraid to speak her mind. Such tenacity and boldness to do the will of God, and no one will stop her. You go girl!!!! “If God be for us who can be against us?” Kathy needs one of those “studios” like Mother Angelica had. Can you imagine her on TV? That would be the only channel I would have or need.
    Most interesting to hear Dr. Nemeh and Philip’s conversing about the Spirit within as such, experiencing Heaven. Without the Spirit the body fails. I wonder what it’s like for Dr. Nemeh to connect to Heaven every day in his prayer life? Is it a feeling, a vision? When Dr. Nemeh speaks it brings about a calming effect. His words are so pure and accurate, no confusion. He’s consistent with facts. I wonder if Dr. Nemeh ever desires to remain connected to Heaven? My prayer life has been so different since these podcasts. They are truly a blessing to me.
    Blessings to you beyond words!

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