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Best Day of My LifeBest Day of My Life

Does it get any better for a parent? Suddenly, 15-month old Crew was moving, eating without a feeding tube, rolling over, and all the other activities that he had not been able to do in his young life. The diagnosis that had been given to Crew’s parents, Kendra and Eric Bornstine, was Mitochondrial disease. A disease that causes debilitating physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities with symptoms including poor growth; loss of muscle coordination; muscle weakness and pain; seizures; vision and/or hearing loss; gastrointestinal issues; learning disabilities; and organ failure.  It is progressive and there is no cure.

The prognosis for Crew was one – two years of life. Dr. Issam Kendra BornstineNemeh, during a healing service, told Kendra and Eric that he could help. At their first medical appointment, Dr. Nemeh said that following his treatment and prayer, Crew would now be able to function normally. No further treatment would be necessary. To the amazement of Kendra, Eric, and Crew’s pediatrician, the prayerful Dr. Nemeh was absolutely right. All were shocked by the baby’s new found abilities and demeanor.

The Best Day of My Life also refers to our ongoing pursuit of an 8-lane highway connection to God. What better way to make sure that we are adding pavement and fresh white lines to our road then to make a pit stop with … Dr. Issam Nemeh.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh

Dr. Nemeh prays… Things happen. Why? He is on the same page with Jesus Christ. The more we are in alignment with Christ, the more powerful our prayers. But the miraculous also has to do with the knowledge that has been infused. From the Trinity to the fallen angels, quantum, and our ultimate destination, Dr. Nemeh has the answers to the most profound questions.

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