Blind Faith Live

On the morning that I was to record Blind Faith Live – Episode 1, my wife, Elizabeth, and I sat in church listening to the opening hymn, ‘We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight’. Nice sign God! There would be numerous signs that would follow. This is what we are supposed to be doing.

Do you need a miracle?  Is there a secret to having prayers answered? What is the key to being on the same page as God?  Could someone actually have a relationship with God to the point that they knew they were being directed by the Holy Spirit?  Those were my initial questions. They are answered very powerfully in each podcast.

These podcasts and blog are to showcase real people telling their real miracle stories. Adding to that, is the inspired commentary of Dr. Issam Nemeh. He prays, and things happen. It is only logical that the God who is performing these miracles is also inspiring Dr. Nemeh’s commentary. Perhaps you need to hear or read something that is on these pages. The topics include miracles, power of prayer, the importance of forgiveness in healing, angels and demons, end times, the antichrist, the status of the Church, and much more.

Broadcast to Podcast
I was a morning radio host for decades. I loved it!  It’s all I ever wanted to do. To be paid for being myself was heaven. I just used my God-given talent of wit, and all was well. But I have to admit, as 2012 drew to a close, my enthusiasm for talking about such things as Kim Kardashian was waning. Meanwhile, my desire to discuss faith issues was exploding. God answered. I was shown the radio door in December 2012, and the podcasting door opened in July 2013 with Blind Faith Live. And was followed with a second podcast launch, Touched by Heaven, in 2018.

Miracles Get Our Attention
They sure got mine. When I met Dr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy in January 2000, I had no idea how my life would change. I came to Dr. Nemeh because I’m legally blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa, as are two of my sisters. Not only did the doctor reconnect my faith, I also received a front row seat to countless miracles. Real people, real miracles. You can’t make this stuff up!

Cancer, blindness, paralysis, decades of pain, multiple sclerosis, disorders that I didn’t know the names of were being put back into order.

But Why Am I Still Blind?
Actually, my vision has been restored perfectly, twice. Remarkable experiences. Both lasted less than a minute. I have no doubt that God will finish the job. He will do so in his time and to demonstrate something a bit different. I’m not about to argue with His plan. Stay tuned.

Which Way to the Ego Line?
As someone who had seen TV healing programs, that appeared to showcase some healers’ ego, this was all new and amazing. Equally powerful was what Dr. Issam Nemeh was saying. With incredible humility, he spoke of God’s love and forgiveness. He would say things like, ‘I’m not in the healing business, I’m in the business of saving souls’. If somebody asked him how the impossible had just happened, he was happy to tell them. If they thanked him he would respond ‘don’t thank me, thank God’. He gives all credit to God. The miracle stories became so commonplace that programs as varying as Dr. Oz and 700 club feature Dr. Nemeh.

I grew up with what I call a ‘dirt path connection to God’. What I discovered through Dr. Nemeh is that the connection can be an 8-lane highway. We can communicate with God. We can feel His love and return it. We have the choice of being forgiving … Or not. We have the choice of being patient with people … Or not. We have the choice of being accepting of everything that comes our way as a blessing from God … Or not.

Jesus Is the Role Model
The Son of God accepted the cross while on earth. He forgave those who put nails into His body. We, too, are asked to accept our crosses, and forgive those who have wronged us. As we do these things, we step into heaven … Now!

“Touched by Heaven” Podcast
Our faith can slip if it is not constantly reinforced. Philip has a new podcast that blasts away all doubt of the awesome power of our God by highlighting the miraculous, daily collisions of heaven and earth.