Broken and Blessed – BFL 132


Broken and BlessedBroken and Blessed

My rosary is broken. Or is it? A closer examination proves that it is even more blessed. Can you see it? Was it a supernatural event or a mistake at the factory? We see God’s hand in everything. We should be able to see the blessing. We see heaven colliding with Earth. We see Mary acknowledging that prayers are being answered. See it yet?

Broken Wife

My wife, Elizabeth Keller, is also a bit broken. We both received a redirection (discipline) from God. Hers lasted a couple more days than mine. What did we do to deserve the corrective action? We felt a push from the Holy Spirit to do His will, but, we refused to budge. So, physical pain was delivered in a most unusual way. A beautiful blessing from God that let us know that He expects more from us.

Issam’s Insight

Christ is in me. I am in Christ. We continue where we left off in our last podcast. Dr Nemeh continues to describe the spiritual and physical experience Jesus gave him. Dr. Nemeh was allowed to feel what Christ feels. He felt everything from God’s perfect love to the gravity of a fallen world. He could feel the power and necessity of our joining Christ in neutralizing the evil in the world. Enjoy part two of this rare experience.

Miracle Moment

Sandra Sadowski had terminal uterine cancer. She was given four to six months to live. The cancer was Broken and Blessedalso in her lymph nodes and bone. A second opinion duplicated the first.

Dr. Nemeh healing services and visits to Nemeh’s medical office turned everything around. Sandra Sadowski and her husband, Tim, say the doctors were shocked when multiple scans displayed zero cancer. Sandra is cancer free.

4 thoughts on “Broken and Blessed – BFL 132

  1. Dr Nemeh has a great statement that “anything that would induce fear or worry is from the devil, not from Jesus. And once you are aware of that, it is easy to overcome.” Could he go one step further and explain how to overcome that? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but he challenges me to want to know more and why and how. What a great podcast, again! Thank you.

    • Just being aware is half the battle, isn’t it? In the midst of fear, knowing that it is not from God. I will talk further about the topic with Dr Nemeh in upcoming episodes.

    • Joe,
      You are the second person to mention that they had the exact same pain in the exact same spot. A redirection from God? Can’t say. Everyone has to examine their own conscience and evaluate whether they also are in the process of learning something. No question about it, it is an incredible direct blessing from God. Good luck figuring it out.
      If anyone else is having a similar experience, feel free to email me…

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