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BFL.LetGoIt’s not everyday you get a chance to hear Kathy Nemeh sing the Disney song, Let It Go, from the movie, Frozen … but you should listen to this podcast anyway!

Actually, this episode is about letting go of whatever holds you back from being the person God created you to be. Kathy Nemeh points out how negativity can slowly, silently, drag us down. Kathy also sees how pain can change us. A person can look normal on the outside, while the chronic nature of pain can depress, sadden, and corrupt our personality.

Miracle Moment – Eliesa Cardenas¬†Eliesa Cardenaswas just such a person, dealing with sciatic nerve pain which had escalated to an 11, on a 1 to 10 scale. Even a visit to Dr. Nemeh’s medical office had failed to quell the pain. So Kathy Nemeh invited Eliesa to a healing service. From the opening prayer, the healing began. Decades of forgiveness issues had to be resolved. When Dr. Issam Nemeh touched her during her prayer, the impossible happened, instantly. Listen to how many times Eliesa and I use the phrase ‘let it go’. She did just that!
(Segment begins at 8 minutes)

For Dr. Issam Nemeh in Issam’s Insight, letting go also has to do with letting go of misunderstandings about spirituality. As often as we talk about our spirituality, most of us don’t think about it much during the course of our day. But it’s in the moment by moment realization that we are both physical and spiritual beings that we gain our greatest access to God. It’s also in the letting go of ‘self’ that we become more Christ-like.
(Segment dispersed throughout Episode)

I throw in my two-cents worth with thoughts on the moments when it feels like God let’s go … of us!

So, let it go …and sing-along if you wish!

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  1. What a wonderful healing she experienced. Dr Nemeh’s comments were so right on. Andrew Wommack, a Christian minister, has a little book called “Self-centeredness the root of all grief,” which says the same thing. Everyone deals with pain and it’s not easy to accept that at the bottom or core of it is a “self-centeredness.” It does not feel like selfishness and it’s hard to recognize it is. It sounds harsh. But oh, when Eliesa recited those words about forgiving everyone in the Name of Jesus Christ, it was so liberating. What a blessing. It made me reflect on my own heart condition and recite right along with her. Thank you!

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