Can You Sing in the Rain? – BFL 181


Sing in the rainLa La Land and Singing in the Rain have something in common for those of faith. Both have scenes depicting moments of what should be pure misery. Instead, everyone in the movie, and anybody watching it, is lifted up. Movie scenes depicting being stuck in traffic for hours, or caught in a deluge of rain, somehow brings about great joy and peace. Can you sing in the rain, is a question about our level of spirituality. When facing life’s biggest challenges, health, financial, relationship issues, tragedy, do we stay connected to God?

Issam Insights
Dr. Issam Nemeh reminds us that this is a fallen world. Being a part of this defective world and turning back towards God is our number one objective in our lifetime. Being able to see the blessing of the suffering connects us directly to heaven.

Miracle MomentLen Marko
Len Marko fell out of a plane. We don’t want to ruin the surprise of how that happened, so you will have to hear that story by clicking ‘play.’ The bottom line is that he has endured a broken back and extreme lower back pain since 2010. Len’s friend, Barbara Tom, dragged Len to a Dr. Nemeh healing service. All the skepticism in Len is now gone. Dr. Issam Nemeh ‘is the real deal,’ according to the former skeptic, Len.

Plus, a walk down the hallway of a recent Dr Nemeh healing service allows us short visits with individuals who have had beautiful healings involving their vision, pain, backs, and even paralysis.

1 thought on “Can You Sing in the Rain? – BFL 181

  1. Truly loved this episode!
    Philip, Dr. Nemeh said it best! There are good people, and you are one of the good, the best, who light the world. Loved hearing all the miracles,Lillian, Lilianna, Theresa, Rick, and Len. It just fills my heart to listen to these miracles, and hear each of them voice such thankfulness.
    Very happy to hear the updates from Kathy of the two girls from the accident and the young lady that, had, the eating disorder.
    Especially enjoy listening to Dr. Nemeh’s teachings. This “wisdom” he speaks just flows. He makes Christianity grow and grow, just listening to him. He describes life as Jesus would have us to live it. His understanding is far beyond what we know, but as he teaches, it becomes real. The hope he brings to this world is a wonderful gift. Everything he teaches makes so much sense and is heartfelt. His connection to Heaven is priceless!
    The appreciation in Dr. Nemeh’s voice, for all you do and are part of, has made a real difference. Such dedication, with such a wonderful attitude.
    Wonderful Podcast, thanks,

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