Do You See Eye to Eye with Our Lady? – BFL 195


do you see eye to eye with our lady

This small rosary of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared out of nowhere. Where it appeared, to whom, and its powerful message is found in this week’s podcast.

The scientifically studied self-portrait of Mary, Mother of Jesus, is credited with the conversion of almost 10 million people who Continue reading

The Power of Humility – BFL 180


the power of humilityThe Power of Humility
The power of humility can be extraordinary and supernatural. Dr. Issam Nemeh prays, things happen. Amazing things happen. On last month’s Blind Faith Live podcast, Sophia, a teenager, shocked a room full of doctors and nurses by immediately Continue reading

Why Does Nothing Happen When I Pray?


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh Dr. Issam Nemeh
Thousands of miracle stories could be told. We are documenting hundreds of them. Miracle prayers are being answered. Dr. Issam Nemeh and his wife, Kathy, pray. Things happen. Continue reading

Miracle Moments on YouTube!

I have taken two of our most powerful miracle moments and put them on YouTube. They are incredibly emotional and exciting! Ann Henning, who was deformed by a freakish accident, and walked bent over at a 90° angle, is highlighted along with Lorene Riley. Lorene, a nurse, was given three months to live because her breastbone was collapsing inward and crushing her heart and lungs. These two women received instantaneous gifts from heaven. Please watch and let me know what you think.

God bless.


“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil …


“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil”I Saw Mother Mary

… I almost fell off the table.” – Tatiana Kostanian

Tatiana, a patient of Dr. Issam Nemeh, describes the moment the Blessed Mother appeared in the treatment room Continue reading

Frenzy of Angels


Why does the devil want our soul? Is he just a mean dude who’s ticked off that he was kicked out of heaven? It goes much deeper, to what he experienced at the crucifixion of Christ and what he feels when we follow Jesus.

Miracle MomentBill & Jane
The cancer was in Jane Moser’s colon, lungs, and liver. Even her doctors tell her that there was no way that the chemotherapy would have killed the cancer so quickly. They admit, now, that they didn’t think that Jane would make it. One Dr. Nemeh healing service and the miracles began.