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Christ In MeChrist In Me

“He became me as I became Him,” said Dr. Issam Nemeh. Ever wonder what it would be like to experience Jesus at this level? “I felt no disconnection with Him.”

A few days ago, while treating a patient, Jesus gave Dr. Nemeh a heavenly gift. He was allowed to experience what St. Paul referenced when he wrote, “Christ is in me and I am in Christ.” That is not just a Bible verse. It is a spiritual and physical experience. In fact, it is a combining of our duality. Christ in me is also our destiny. It is the time when all believers will be carbon copies of Christ, while maintaining our own personalities. It is when “all will be in all.” This is when everything will return to the original perfection of God.

Dr. Nemeh felt the stillness that is within Christ. The stillness, as Jesus awaits the Father’s wishes, which is conveyed through the Holy Spirit. A stillness and peace that speaks loudly of the perfect love between the Father and Son. This coincided with God’s healing of the patient.

Christ in me, conveys the true love and intimacy of the Son of God with us. “A breath from His breath. A spirit from His spirit. A mind from His mind.┬áThis experience goes well beyond imitating Christ. Light years beyond ‘what would Jesus do?’ Vastly more intimate than keeping ‘Jesus in the room.’ This is an absolutely fascinating discussion of a topic rarely approached.

Miracle MomentChristine.Greg. Griffith

Feeling 90 years old when you are only 51 is difficult enough. In terms of an active life, Christine Griffith had plunged from a 10 to a 0. Running, golfing, exercising at the gym, were all replaced by sitting. Even attempting to stand, proved to be a chore. What was happening to Christine’s body? She and her husband, Greg, were getting only bad news from the doctors. The list included Fibromyalgia, muscle stiffness, inflammation, joint pain, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, and degenerative joint disease.

One visit with Dr. Issam Nemeh and all the pain was history. Add on a heaping portion of Blind Faith Live, and you have a new attitude and a new direction in life. Christine, Greg, and son, Aidan, are all feeling the healing blessings of God.

4 thoughts on “Christ In Me – BFL 131

  1. Good morning Trapper. I last spoke with you in December. After Christmas at the seminar. Kate Kuack is my sister’s sister in law and of course we’ve been friends and family for years. Several years ago I took my daughter DeAnna to dr. Nemeh at his office for a treatment. So I have been aware of him and his works for years . I went to his seminar a few years ago in Melborn ( I live in Daytona Fl.) I took a friend who was agnostic, and he was truly moved and now a believer!
    I just wanted to say, I enjoy these pod cast, as I am home on my day off from work (RN critical care ICU), I listen to these Pod cast and they help ground me and center me in God’s light . It is a wonderful thing to b able to reach thousands of people and hopefully touch their hearts with the love Jesus has for them.
    God Bless and keep up the good work!!

  2. Wow! This episode is so thought provoking. Is it possible that this is yet another sign that the Second Coming of the Holy Spirit is even closer? Thank you for posting these episodes that reach deeper into the knowledge that Dr. Nemeh possesses. You do an amazing job “decoding” it for your listeners!

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