Church is Ignoring Favorable Science


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Why does the church ignore the science that makes its case? Massive amounts of scientific documentation has been gathered in the many Eucharistic miracles. Unleavened bread that has been transformed into heart muscle has occurred repeatedly. The samples have been compared. They come from the same person. More scientific evidence has been gathered from the Mexican cloak with the imprint of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 500 years after Mary’s appearance to Juan Diego, the scientific data within the cloak now clearly reveals God’s hand. We now microscopically can even see what Mary saw on that special day in 1531.

It can seem to churchgoers that these proofs are to be kept a secret. Stories of heaven and earth colliding are numerous, but speaking of them from the pulpit remains sketchy at best.

Dr. Issam Nemeh comments about the above supernatural events and adds his insights on the following …
*CNN showed the baby moving within our Lady of Guadalupe.
*Why do the fallen angels want our souls?
*How do dreams connect us spiritually?
*Would you allow a microchip in your brain?

4 thoughts on “Church is Ignoring Favorable Science

  1. The church has already approved the Eucharistic miracles that we spoke of. They have approved the phenomenon of the Our Lady of Guadalupe cloak. The church just doesn’t talk about it.

  2. The Church should set up a Committee of Experts to examine these amazing phenomena, just as it did in Lourdes, in order to discern whether these extraordinary phenomena are miracles or not.

  3. To claim that the Church is ignoring these is to presume to know what is going on in each and every parish around the world. One would have to be omniscient to know this. It seems to me that the Church is holding nothing back with regard to these theophanic events.

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