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BFL_Church SplitChurch Split is Happening

Are you feeling it? The church split is happening within every faith. Do we follow the trends of our culture or stick with what Jesus Christ and the apostles taught us 2000 years ago?

As usual, a song bubbled up in my head this week out of ‘nowhere.’ The songs lead us to the weekly topics. For the last three days, Brenda Lee’s, “All Alone Am I,” has been on a loop in my mind. It’s a break up song. Two people had split up. Symbolically, I was not able to figure out who the woman was in the relationship. The church? America? Blessed Mother Mary? Who was experiencing some sort of divorce from what used to be? It took a FaceTime call with Dr. Nemeh to discern where the song was directing this week’s episode.

Was Dr. Nemeh feeling a greater division in some area of our culture or church? Was something happening this week in particular? The answer came back quickly. People are choosing left or right in greater numbers in matters of their faith. And, those who feel that their churches are heading off into more worldly expressions, they are digging their heels into the ground. They will not go where the lukewarm and cold are leading them.

Wake up America!

With the USA being the world’s Christian stronghold, Dr. Issam Nemeh reminds us, the Evil One knows that if he can topple America, Christianity tumbles with it. “The enemy is within,” Nemeh tells us. Are we praying for America… Every day? Are we loving our country and everything it has blessed us with? If we remain faithful, the upcoming transition in the world will be a smooth one for us.

Becca Miracle MomentsBecca Rice

Becca Rice has lots of stories!… A bone moving, spine straightening, voice returning, and a poor little bellybutton that, for a year, would not heal following surgery. One prayer from Dr. Nemeh at a healing service, and the lil’ navel closed up miraculously, on the spot! It looked so normal, that Becca’s surgeon asked if another surgeon had done the job.

Thanks for 2015

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  1. I believe everything is splitting apart. New World Order seems to be the desire of evil men. I pray to be raptured out with my children to avoid the Revolution. If not, I will fight against the evil!

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